Before leaving Columbia to go up to Asheville, NC. L. to R.: Nancy, Brenda and Millie. Before we left Columbia, we stopped and got coffee from this cute guy that has a free-standing coffee stand. It's more like a small one-room building in one section of a parking lot, but I digress. He is this extremely handsome African-American and come to find out from Brenda (she knitted him a scarf and hat for those cold days), he's a friend of Dorothy, but has a partner. Just my luck.

This is at Nancy's Log Cabin house that she has right at the SC/NC State Line. It is simply beautiful. You walk in and it smells like you're in a pine forest. She has a loft room off of the living room that has a ladder you use to get up to the loft. I told them that I felt as if I was in a scene from Little House On The Prairie when I was standing on the ladder looking at the loft. Anyhow, this picture was taken on Friday night when we settled down to knit and have girl-talk. There were definitely some dishy topics being discussed that evening.

C'est moi Friday night while knitting. The only thing I can say about this photo is that it inspired me to start walking (exercising) again and to watch my calorie intake. Lawd have mercy, not a pretty sight.

This is only a couple of the many spinning wheels they had for sale at SAFF. The also had a spinning class under way when we got there on Saturday. I immediately thought of QueerJoe
when I saw them. While I was walking around, I came upon this lady who was sitting in her booth spinning her fiber with a spinning wheel and I was amazed. I wanted to try it, but didn't have the nerve to ask her if I could try it. I can see how spinning could be as addictive as knitting.

Just a picture of the arena that SAFF was in. There were booths set-up all over the bottom floor and all around the top part.

Just a drop in the bucket of the massive amounts of yarn that was being sold at damn good prices. Wool, Alpaca, Angora, you name it, they had it somewhere in the building.

Of course you know that this is an Angora rabbit. They were really tame because they would let you pet them. They would just sit there and not freak out at all.

Believe it or not, this is the only thing that I bought except for some laminated quick-reference cards. Not having a job makes you think twice about buying something when you really don't need it, i. e. yarn. We did not go back on Sunday because we saw everything we wanted to on Saturday. Anyway, I love my little knitting tote bag that will remind me of the wonderful time I had with friends at SAFF this year in Asheville.


Blogger Sean said...

My, my you've been a busy little knitter! I can't believe you were among all that yarn and didn't scoop at least a few skeins up. But I hear you, being out of work does change your habits so to speak. There is always the stash to find forgotten lovelies to give your attention to.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Dave D said...

Wow, am I jealous that oyu got down there. And those spinning wheels, the dark mahogany with all the turnings. THAT is the one I have been looking for forever! (Did you get the name, by any chance?) Looks like fun by one and all there. What a bunch!

12:30 PM  
Blogger Franklin said...

Terrific write-up, and I love that shot of you knitting.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Andy's Crafts said...

Calvin the bunny is just adorable, I guess you know where the yarn comes from now. LOL. Have to come and visit more often to see your creativity at work. You go dude!

10:54 PM  

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