It’s hard to believe that 2005 is almost at a close. I can’t believe that I started a blog page and kept at it. I say that because I started one on Live Journal a couple of years ago (non knitting related), but just didn’t feel compelled to keep it going past a month or so.

That being said, I am so happy that I’ve made new friends that love to knit as much as I do. Even though we’ve never meet (with the exception of one person), I feel blessed to have all of you in my life and I look forward to getting to know you better in 2006. I hope that every everyone has a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR and that it proves to be your best yet!!


H a p p y H o l i d a y s, everyone!



A few weeks ago, I received a Christmas package from this handsome KIWI. Inside the package was a beautiful hand knitted, Fair Isle pouch with a hand knitted tie around it. Inside that was several other wonderful gifts. I know, I was a bad boy for not waiting until Christmas to open it. James, thank you so much for being such a sweet person (as you always are) and thinking of me this holiday season. I hope that you and Ian have a very, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



51. If I could live in another domestic city, it would probably be Boston or Philadelphia.

52. I dreamed of going to culinary school because I love to cook. Being a house hold of one, I hardly cook a complete meal because of the left overs that are eventually thrown out.

53. When I was a teenager and before I got my drivers license, I used to day dream that my first car would be a Volkswagen Beetle. I thought they were the coolest cars. I like a manual transmission.

54. Per number 52, I have a lot of cookbooks and can sit and look/read them as if I was reading a novel.

55. Because of my love for knitting, I could do the same with knitting books.

56. I can be a very bad procrastinator. I truly HATE this about myself and wonder if I will ever be able to change it.

57. I wanted to go to graduate school, but decided against it since I never utilized my undergraduate degree toward supporting myself.

58. Sending in my last undergrad. student loan payment was a very happy day for me and another reason why I probably decided against grad. school.

59. I think that one of life’s greatest blessings is to have true peace of mind.

60. They say that being rich cannot not bring you happiness, but I know that it sure could relieve a lot of my worries!

61. When I was a young child, whenever my parents would have very loud arguments/fights with one another, I would hide in my closet because it terrified me.

62. I have never shared the above with anyone before.

63. I believe that there is a gay gene and knew from a very early age that I felt different than other boys. Of course, it wasn’t until later in life that I realized what the difference I felt was.

64. If I had to choose one Classical music composer that I would love to sit down and share dinner, a glass of wine/beer and a conversation with, it would be Beethoven. I think that he was ahead of his time. Whenever I listen to some of his music, I get goose bumps.

65. I also love the music of Vivaldi.

66. I think that Billy Idol is very sexy.

67. I love the music of Luis Miguel and also think that he is very sexy. That man can move those hips.

68. I love Tales of The City and have all of the DVD’s.

69. Keeping Up Appearances is one of my favorite British sit-coms.

70. Of course, so is Absolutely Fabulous and Are You Being Served?.

71. My favorite flower is a red tulip.

72. I very seldom go out to bars anymore; especially alone.

73. I love flannel sheets in the winter.

74. I love and respect my parents very much and thank God for them.

75. I love Curry powder.

76. My favorite condiment is mayonnaise. I despise fat-free or light ones. Give me the fat, baby!

77. I will admit that I’m a size queen, but a man with a kind heart and respect for others will win out any day!

78. I have two piercings in my left ear and one in my right that I’ve had for a very long time. I don’t wear my earrings that much anymore though. My left nipple was once pierced. I’ve thought about having it done again, but now I don’t think I could take the pain. Yes, it hurt! Does anyone know if it means anything in which nipple you have pierced? You know, kind of like when a hanky that was a certain color and worn in the back pocket of jeans, on a particular side, meant something.

79. Personally, I don’t think a Prince Albert is sexy. What if it causes you to chip a tooth or something!

80. I belong to a local knitting guild.

81. Per above, I’m the only male.

82. My blog name, ColaManKnits, is not in reference to a soft-drink, but Cola is sometimes used when referencing Columbia by locals.

83. I love choral music as well as symphonies and chamber music.

84. I love to hear a coloratura soprano sing. Mozart’s Queen Of The Night aria about makes me wet myself. A very close second is Kathleen Battle singing Johann Strauss’ Voices Of Spring from the CD New Year’s Concert from Vienna. It’s a shame that she was kicked out of The Met several years ago because she acted like such a Diva. What a beautiful singing voice she has though.

85. My favorite opera is La Traviata by Verdi.

86. I like dark beers.

87. I prefer red wines, but will drink whites.

88. I love Turning Leaf’s Zinfandel.

89. I do not like White Zinfandel. I find them too sweet.

90. I like lamb meat, but seldom eat it.

91. I would like to try goat meat.

92. I don’t like to see or hear someone being picked on or being made fun of. It hurts me for them.

93. I love snow; especially watching it fall. I think it makes everything look new again (does that make sense?)

94. One of my fondest memories of Provincetown, MA was seeing a stand-up show where the guy impersonated Bette Davis (post stroke). I kid you not, he looked and sounded just like her and if I didn’t know better, I would have sworn that it was her on the stage. “But you are Blanche… you are”!

95. I like pipe organs.

96. I will miss seeing new episodes of Will and Grace when it goes off the air this season.

97. I have never been able to find out if Sean Hayes is really gay or not. Does anyone know?

98. I love water slides and swimming pools.

99. I like Cosmopolitans. Those Sex and The City bitches have nothing on me.

100. This is weird, but I like to do data entry.


I remember a high school friend of mine wrote in my senior year book, “Without dreams, you’re dead.” This has always stayed with me and the older I get, the more I find this to be true.



The below picture was taken probably back in 1996. That is my ex. partner of eight years I'm with. We were in Beaufort, SC (near Charleston) for a weekend. I was so in love, but more importantly, look how slender I was. Hah!

In many posts back, I stated that I may share some of my drag pictures sometime. Well, here are a few. It wasn't serious drag, but just me and some of my friends that were going to a Halloween party back in 1997, I believe. These were taken in my apartment I had before I bought my house. Lawd, I was even skinnier then than I was in the above picture. You see, at the time, me and the above guy were having a lot of problems. I basically really didn't have an appetite and had to force myself to eat. Man, times sure have changed. I wouldn't mind being around that weight again, but not to that extreme.

This is one of my best friends. He and his partner has since moved to NC and then on to VA. Even though we still talk via the phone, it's not the same as when he lived in Columbia. We use to have such a great time.This is another friend of mine who is Filipino. He still lives in Columbia, but I hardly ever see him anymore. Yes, he did grab my person right when the picture was taken. I was horrified since I'm such a lady (yeh, right!)
I haven't been feeling all that well the last couple of days because of my sinus/allergies and thought that between that and the cold weather, it would be a perfect evening for homemade vegetable soup.It hit the spot!Then I followed it with a couple (maybe more, I'm not telling) of these. I loves me some Bass Ale. When I was in England many years ago, mostly of what I drank was sweet cider. It's a lot more potent there than what you find here in the States.Well, that's all for right now. I've just about finished with the front of the Mock Cable sweater and then on to the sleeves and neck. I probably won't put a picture up until it's finished. I'm supposed to go to my first Christmas party of the season tomorrow. I think I'll wear my sweater that I finished a few weeks ago. I'll try to take pictures of the festivities! Later, possums