Jeff and Aiko-Houston, TX - April 2005 Posted by Picasa

This is Jeff who was one of my roommates from college. He lives in Houston, Texas. He is such a wonderful person and I treasure his friendship very deeply. As one reader knows, I went out to visit him the first week in April and had a blast. While there, I went to hear a concert by Houston's Gay Mens' Chorus which Jeff is a member of. It was absolutely outstanding. They have an area of Houston called Montrose where most of the gay bars are. While there, we went to JR'S. and The Mining Company and a Latino club called Inergy. While at The Mining Company, I come to see that yes, everything IS bigger in Texas. There was this one stripper who was beautiful, body for days and this huge, I mean huge C***!! Yes, I had lust in my heart my dear friends. Anyway, other than that, I ate at some really enjoyable restaurants. I think that my favorite was Baba Yega's (sp?) which is also in Montrose. With Jeff is his cat Aiko (pronounced Eye-ko). He’s a sweet cat.


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Thanks for the post! Can't wait for you to come back and we will go see Jorge again. I shall tell him to expect us! I am surprised that you remembered how to spell Baba Yega's and that Inergy was spelled with an "I"! Aiko sends her love!!!

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